Yugioh’s New Duel Disk Pillow

Have you ever felt like you need to be comfortable while being reminded of Yugioh at the same time? Then wait no further because the beautiful duel disk pillow has been born.

Kaiba Corp has finally given us exactly what we wanted. It’s really a store that Konami set up for unique Yugioh merch, but still. Finally, we have a duel disk that goes onto our arm and acts as a pillow. Just picture it: you and your friend are sleepy because of an epic duel you just had. Then, both of you whip out your duel disk pillows and take a nap to continue your duel in your dreams. It’s the perfect homie moment.

I mean, just look at this picture. Wouldn’t you want this?

Image Credit: Shueisha/Studio Dice/Tv Tokyo/Konami

If that pitch sold you, you can preorder the pillows right now at the Kaiba Corp store for only $77, or 8,800 yen. It’ll be shipped in May and be available at other retailers at a later date.

Kaiba Corp only just recently launched on September 30, 2021, but they already have so much merch on their site, including the pillow. What’s really cool is that they’re planning to have each season represent an arc from Yugioh. So, Duelist Kingdom, Battle City, Pharaoh’s Memories, and Ceremonial Battle will show up year-round.

If you don’t know about Yugioh, you don’t need to. It’s a card game like Magic and Pokemon, and it’s pretty cool. What’s even cooler is the duel disk pillow. You should buy one, I know I will.

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