YouTubers Decide to Box for the First Time for Charity!


Last week the ever-innovative and funny YouTuber IDubbbszTV, well known for video series such as Content cop and Kickstarter crap, hosted a boxing event. IDubbbszTV wanted to diverge from what is usually associated with YouTubers boxing, such as trash talk and outrageous bets. IDubbbszTV hosted it as a charity event with a fun and less serious vibe, unlike the other events, which were more in line with the traditional setups.


The main thing that separates this event from others is the fact that nine fights occurred rather than one.


With creators such as, I Did A Thing, Justaminx, Michael Reeves, and many others. The whole point was to have creators you would have never thought of attending such an event. So in that regard, it ultimately succeeded taking tailoring boxing around the fun and genuine content associated with youtube and its creators.



As for the actual fights themselves, they were terrific! Seeing a battle between  Michael Reeves, who is known for his bizarre experiments with tech, and Graham Stephen, who makes videos on real estate and investing, is something you would only dream of. The great thing about this event is that it was all charity and a love of the sport. 


It will still be fun to watch if you have no idea who these people are. Catch it on Youtube in the link below to watch normal people like yourselves duking it out in the ring. 


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