Your Personality Based On Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor


What’s better than eating ice cream after a bad day? Nothing can go wrong with biting into these frozen treats as comfort food!


Different flavors of ice cream can also tell your personality!




Although vanilla might seem boring and overrated, it definitely is one of the classic flavors that can never go wrong. If you like vanilla you’re probably an idealist, and despite vanilla being a simple flavor – you’re actually impulsive and a risk-taker.




If you like this classic and romantic flavor, you might be flirtatious and charming. You might also have a flair for drama and a romantic at heart if you like this rich flavor.




Definitely the least popular out of the two prior flavors, you either love strawberry or you hate it. Liking this particular flavor means that you’re bold with your choices and your modesty shines through.



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If you’re addicted to the taste of caffeine and like to live on the go, you like to live your life passionately and you have big ambitions.


Mint Chocolate Chip

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One of the most controversial flavors of ice cream; you either love it or hate it. If you happen to be on the former, you’re pretty blunt and ambitious.



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A very sweet and rich flavor, like the flavor you’re also sweet. Your lovable personality makes you the perfect person to go on impromptu trips with!


Peanut Butter

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You most likely have high energy and your friendliness makes people want to be around you! You like parties and are the life of the crowd.

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