You Might Need To Grow A Tree.

One of the simplest and most sustainable methods to improve the environment is by planting trees. More than ever, we need trees! Since the green ash borer was first found in metropolitan Detroit in 2002, millions of ash trees have been lost, wreaking havoc on communities around the state. Our only hope for better air and a healthy ecosystem is trees.

  • By creating oxygen, trees enhance the quality of the air. They also act as carbon sinks, counteracting the negative effects of burning fossil fuels.
  • By capturing dust, pollen, and other pollutants, they purify the air while reducing the negative impacts of the sun and wind.

  • When trees are strategically placed around buildings, air conditioning expenses may be greatly decreased. Less Freon, an odorless and combustible chemical released by air conditioners, will result from this. The ozone layer is thought to be harmed by it.

  • In addition to providing raw materials for books, newspapers, and other products, trees also create jobs. They are reusable, renewable, and biodegradable.

  • They offer food and shelter to animals, including birds, squirrels, and bugs.

  • People feel nice around trees. When employees can see trees from their workplace windows and on their commutes, they are more productive.

  • Trees in the landscape may calm us down, lower our heart rates, and lessen our tension.
  • Trees raise the value of a property.

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