Ye & Kweli’s Rocky Relationship


Ye and Kweli are Brewing.

Ye’s comment towards the backpacking community that made him had Talib Kweli’s addressing him as a poser. Half of the Black Star’s took it upon Instagram to give Ye salutation in the most fun way possible. reported from Hypebeast, West deliberately pose as a backpacker and directly apologized to the community.

Ye has been fueling a lot in his typical moves as an artist. But this confession just goes to say, that his fundamental rise in the industry is based on a hurtful truth. And at the end of the day, Talib Kweli’s post was never addressed directly by Ye, and he kept his own opinion too when he says never vibe to Kweli’s music at all.

Kanye too has to say “I’m sorry to all the backpack community, due to the fact that I was from the streets but I never killed anybody. It was just easier for me to pose like a backpacker but I actually really love street n****s”. He just drew a line between him and Kweli’s by adding “I apologize, once again, to Kweli. I’m sorry I never f*cked with your raps”.

Talib Kweli beforehand had thrown a light jab to Ye, alluding to the Drink Champs interview. Posting on Instagram titled “Kanye West Ghostwriter appropriation. ✊????✊????✊???? #VoltronRap. And got into a heated argument that led to the funniest post ever. Talib Kweli had to pick this road because he’s one of the ones that cosigned him in the first place. He has a lot to say in regards to this.

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