Yamato Officially Joins the Straw Hat Pirates!

Spoilers ahead! The Straw Hat Crew are no longer 10 members but are welcoming an additional member, Yamato, making them officially have 11 members!


Recently in chapter 1051 of the One Piece manga, finally after the long defeat of Kaido – Yamato excitedly announces that they will be joining the Straw Hat crew.


Joining the Straw Hat crew isn’t a common feat, with Jinbe being the official 10th member of the Straw Hats to join during Wano.


A new member joining the Straw Hats will immensely change the group dynamic, which is already acknowledged and loved by One Piece fans – so the mixed feelings from fans are not a surprise.


Some One Piece fans have been looking forward to the son of Kaido joining the crew, with Yamato’s strong powers that will immensely become a strong asset to the group, and make the Straw Hats stronger overall.


Meanwhile, One Piece fans who aren’t too keen on Yamato joining the crew are afraid of the group’s existing dynamic being altered by Yamato, who is outspoken and lively.


If you haven’t caught up to the Wano arc and are curious about Yamato, they are the son of Kaido who strongly admires Oden and is inspired to become like him until referring to themselves as “Oden’s son”.


Yamato has immense physical strength and wields a massive kanabo, which is a spiked or studded war club. Yamato also ate the Inu Inu no Mi, a Zoan-type Devil Fruit that makes her transform into a divine wolf.


Not only that, Yamato can use Haki, namely the Haoshoku Haki like Luffy and Shanks.


We can’t wait to see how Yamato fits in with the crew during their future voyages!

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