World Shivers as Omicron Infection Surges

The Omicron variant multiplies 70 times faster. Courtesy: Global News.

By Jinsh Rayaroth

As the COVID-19 infection cases started increasing all over the world, the uncertainty about the holiday season prevailed. Many people have already started canceling their holiday bookings.

The Omicron variant of COVID-19, unlike the two former variants, is spreading rapidly. The number of infections across the globe is increasing at an alarming rate ever since it was first detected in South Africa.

In Canada, more and more provinces are starting to make restrictions as a measure to curb the spread of infection. Ontario, the largest province in terms of population, is now rolling new regulations. The indoor capacity is limited to 50 percent—more provinces, including Quebec and Alberta, joining Ontario.

Image source: BBC

Omicron spread puts the holiday season on hold. Courtesy: BBC

As the Omicron variant is more contagious, the increasing cases put countries under pressure. In the first week of November, South Africa reported around 200 cases, but now that number has increased to more than 20,000. In the United Kingdom, daily cases went up to 88,000. Even though in India, the number of cases is not that high, Niti Ayog, the country’s apex public policy think tank, predicted that the daily cases could go up to 140,000 considering the massive population.

As the world nearing to celebrate the Christmas and New Year holidays, people are in limbo. Many countries, including Canada, have already advised the people not to go out and celebrate in large gatherings.

The COVID-19 scenario in 2022 would be totally different if people failed to follow the restrictions and regulations put for by the authorities.

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