Working From Home—Better or Worse?


In the last few years, the amount of people working from home has grown much larger, leading me to wonder if that is a more beneficial way of working.


What are the positives and negatives of this?


The positives.

Working from home is not only more flexible for many, but also a calmer environment for somebody to focus. Here are a few more reasons why homeworking is beneficial.


  • Productivity may increase for some people working from home.
  • Benefits to Mental Health, people are where they feel more comfortable.
  • better work-life balance, as working from home/remotely may allow a person to see family/friends more often.
  • Can get housework etc, completed during the day instead of coming home to then have to sort everything.
  • Saves money (eg; on travel)
  • People may feel less under pressure.


Now, let’s look at possible negatives.

  • For some people, being at home to work may just cause distraction, cause a lack of productivity.
  • People may miss/need the social aspect of work back.
  • Could affect their mental health more as they aren’t leaving the house much at all, so may feel isolated.
  • If an individual is struggling with work, may be unable to contact their work colleagues or boss quickly.


However, despite the possibility of negative effects caused by remote working, it’s possible that working from home will just become more popular than ever before, due to many people realizing how much they prefer their work routine. So many jobs can be done primarily from home now (due to things like Microsoft Teams, etc), why not take advantage of that?



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