WONPIL Releases Concept Photos for Solo Concert


DAY6 Member Wonpil releases promotional concept photos for his solo concert, titled “Pilmography” that will take place for 5 days from March 11th until March 27.


The concept photos feature four posts that were posted on DAY6’s official Twitter (@day6official) Twitter. This is the 3rd set of concept photos that were posted out of 3 other concept photos that were released before. 


The 3rd set of concept photos that were posted consisted of a casual and soft theme as Wonpil wore a white long-sleeved knitted collared top as he posed with several props such as a rolled paper, a vase of white flowers, and a miniature white piano that were displayed on a table.



The second set of concept photos was posted on March 4, where he wore darker clothes in a brown long-sleeved top with brown slacks, although the background still featured a soft theme with a white background and white cushioned sofa. Wonpil also posed with various props such as a book titled “SEE YOU NEXT TIME”, connoting his upcoming enlistment in the military.



The first set of concept photos posted on March 3 featured Wonpil wearing a semi-casual outfit in a light gray dress shirt with a black tie, soft background, and light brown wooden furniture. He posed with a white-yellow flower and no other props. 


All the concept photos were promotional photos that features Wonpil’s solo concert “Pilmography” along with the tour dates, which might be his last solo performance and farewell before he enlists in the military. 

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