With The Flash’s ending, one former cast member has landed a new streaming role.

The announcement that The Flash would end in 2023 signals the end of an era in superhero television. The final remaining Arrowverse series will be canceled next year, but one former series regular has found a new job that ensures fans will see him return on the small screen. Eddie Thawne, aka Rick Cosnett, is making his way to Apple TV+.

Rick Cosnett began as a regular on The Flash, but has returned on and off after his character’s sad death in Season 1. It’s unclear how big of a part (if any) he’ll play at the conclusion of the ninth and last season, but Deadline claims that the star has joined the ensemble of Mrs. American Pie, which will be available on Apple TV+ later this year.

Mrs. American Pie is a female-led comedy sitcom set in the 1970s, with Maxine (Kristen Wiig) seeking to rise through the ranks of Palm Beach high society. The project, based on Juliet McDaniel’s book of the same name, will offer some real star power to Apple TV+ subscribers. Sergeant Tom Sanka is a character played by Rick Cosnett. The actor portrayed a cop in The Flash’s first season, but it’s safe to predict that Sergeant Sanka’s tale will unfold significantly differently from Detective Thawne’s.

The stream has not confirmed a debut date for Mrs. American Pie, but Cosnett will return to broadcasting in a big way in 2022. Despite Eddie Thawne’s heroic sacrificial dying at the end of The Flash Season 1 in 2015, he resurfaced a couple of times before recurring in Season 8. The superhero program won’t return with its last 13 episodes until 2023, so his involvement in the new show doesn’t necessarily exclude him from reprising his role as Eddie. According to Glamour UK, Mrs. American Pie will be released in 2022.

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