Windows 11 22H2 Update Causes Severe Problems for Devices With Nvidia GPUs

For those who recently updated Windows 11 and have Nvidia GPUs, chances are that you may have noticed performance drops and crashes to BSODs. Nvidia recently confirmed that there is an issue with the new update.

Stuttering, FPS drops, and lagging audio are some examples of the problems faced in the latest big update in Windows 11 for gamers. Some users also reported underutilization of their GPUs and unstable framerates, which, when playing competitive games, could ruin the experience. Nvidia is well aware of it, and the cause of the issues have been identified; and it’s Nvidia’s very own GeForce Experience app. The app is mainly used for recording gameplay, setting game graphics before launching,and installing the newest drivers for Nvidia graphics cards, which could explain the issues. Nevertheless, there are multiple ways to fix the issue. Other than going back to the previous version of Windows 11 via restore points, Nvidia has also provided a newer version of the app, which can be installed manually by downloading from the official driver website, or through GeForce Experience itself. The latter requires one to choose ‘Enable Experimental Features’ in the settings, as V0.36 is still in Beta.


p class=”MsoNormal”>While there haven’t been any fixes from Microsoft yet, V0.36 should be good enough to run games, as there hasn’t been any complaints regarding the hotfix. Alternatively, going back to a previous version is also valid, and supposedly the best and safest way to get rid of the issues.

(Image sourced from Windows)

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