Will Smith Will Return in ‘I Am Legend’ Sequel with Michael B. Jordan


Will Smith confirmed he will return in the “I Am Legend” sequel.


Will Smith confirmed that a sequel to the 2007 post-apocalyptic dystopian movie “I Am Legend” is in the works, with Michael B. Jordan as the new star involved. When the film is released, it will be the first time the two actors have worked together on a big-budget project.


The SAG Award-winning actor explained that, despite swearing 10 years ago that “I Am Legend” was one project he would most certainly let lie, a storyline pitch Jordan made personally convinced him to rethink.


Although neither details of Jordan’s pitch nor the final plotline are clear, which is confusing some fans given that Smith’s character died at the end of the 2007 movie.  However, in an alternate ending, Dr. Robert Neville survives and departs New York City with survivors Anna and Ethan.


The original movie, “I Am Legend” was based on the 1954 science fiction novel of the same name by Richard Matheson. The previous movie featured Alice Braga, Charlie Tagan, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Willow Smith, April Grace, and more. It was directed by Francis Lawrence. It is not yet known whether the filmmaker will return to direct the second movie. 


“I Am Legend,” tells of a virologist and ex-soldier Robert Neville (Will Smith). The main character lives in New York City, trying to find a cure for the survivors. He survived the plague that wiped out most of humanity and turned the rest into bloodthirsty mutants. In the movie, he attempted to discover a cure while confronting the physical perils of the globe and the emotional strains of being the world’s sole human occupant. The movie was a smash hit, with a debut gross of US$77 million and a global gross of US$585 million.


The Academy Award-nominated actor will executive produce the film through his company Westbrook Studios, which also produced his critically acclaimed movie King Richard and is also producing the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air remake on Peacock. Jordan, on the other hand, will co-produce through his Outlier Society production imprint, which is also responsible for Creed III and the forthcoming live-action version of the DC Comic hero story Static Shock.


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