Why You Should Pull For Itto

Albedo Banner has already ended along with his re-run story. Some of Tabibito-san might bring Albedo home, but some of them might as well be saving for other characters, for instance, Shenhe or Xiao, since lantern rite might be coming closer. Nevertheless, if you are a geo element lover and a claymore main, you will not want to skip for Itto. Here is why.


1. One of the Def-DPS character(Itto on Zerochan.net: https://www.zerochan.net/3475450)

Albedo is one of the geo vision owners. He might be the sub-DPS or geo battery in your team that would depend on your artifact style. However, if you are looking for geo DPS, Itto is the one, beside Zhongli as one of the Burst DPS characters. Itto’s burst will buff his damage on his normal or charged attack based on his defense, which made him stronger.

2. Unique play style

(Itto: Gameort.com)

Almost every claymore user in Genshin Impact has a continuous instant charged attack by holding the attack button. Reversely, Itto is different. In order to launch his charged attack, you need to gain his unique buff, which can be seen with the Oni image on his back when you attack enemies. His buff also can be gained by using his elemental skill and burst.

In terms of charged attacks, Itto has a different movement. Usually, almost claymore wielder will swing their great sword circularly, but Itto does not. He performs some uppercuts and ends it with smashing the ground. Additionally, because his charged attack consumed his buff, it will increase the damage taken by enemies.

In addition, Itto reminded most Tabibito-san of Jiraiya, one of Naruto’s kindest and funny sensei. He is also called the Geo Daddy. So, those are why you should pull Itto on his banner. Hope you bring him home.

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