Why should Genshin Impact Windtrace have a re-run

Genshin events, especially in-game ones, are played and enjoyed because of the Primogem reward that every Tabibito-san wants to get their hands on. Tabibito-san means Traveler, and it refers to the players. They always expect that the in-game events help them reach their desired goals while letting them enjoy the game.

Some of the other in-game events already made their returns. Players who’ve played Genshin Impact from previous patches would already know Windtrace, one of the in-game events on Genshin. So, here are some details about Genshin Impact Windtrace and why it should return again in an upcoming patch.


What is Windtrace?
(Windtrace UI page: ClutchPoints.com)

Do you remember when we were younger, we liked to play hide and seek. Yeah, this classic game never gets old, from generation to generation, sometimes we can even see some kids play this game. Inspired by the game Hide and Seek, Genshin game designers tried to make their own version.

How to play
(Windtrace trick and tips: youtube.com)

In Windtrace, the player cannot use their elemental skill and burst because it had been replaced with the corresponding in-game functions. In this game mode, the player will play as either the rebel or the hunter. As the rebel, the player should hide or run for as long as they can before the hunter catches them. The rebels have the ability to transform into items like wooden boxes or lanterns. They can also make themselves invisible.

The hunter has the ability to detect rebels and other capturing abilities. This will help them win the game if they play smartly. After a long time, a special orb will appear and descend from the sky and it will give whoever caught it some special abilities that they have chosen on the preparing event pages before the game started.

Why should Windtrace return
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Windtrace not only reminds us of the classic game we loved playing when we were younger. It also allows us to play with other players from our server, allowing for more inter-player relationships to be forged. From having people to grind events with to finding out new and weird hiding spots, playing with others just makes the game more fun and entertaining, don’t you think? The return of this game event would definitely make for some exciting moments in this upcoming patch.

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