Why Reusable Remover Pads are Better?

Quoting from Glamor Magazine, about 120 million packaging from the global cosmetic industry is produced every year. The multi-layered and non-biodegradable packaging causes all of the waste to end up in landfills and oceans. However, the awareness to take care of the environment is increasing. Several beauty companies have started to innovate to create products that are safe to use and environmentally friendly.

To maintain healthy skin and to prevent skin problems, we regularly clean our face from the remnants of makeup that we use every day. The latest innovation in beauty waste minimization is the reusable remover pad.

What is Reusable Remover Pad

A reusable remover pad is a beauty product that is used to clean the face and can be used many times. Unlike cotton or beauty wipes that are single-use, you can wash them and use them again. There are various eco-friendly materials used to make this pad, from microfibre, muslin (organic non-genetically modified cotton grown in India), or bamboo fiber combined with organic cotton.

Why Reusable Remover Pads are better

Rebecca from eco-age.com wrote that beauty wipes contain ingredients that are difficult to decompose and are actually not good for the skin. Researchers have also revealed that using makeup wipes allows bacteria to thrive, clogging pores and causing acne.

Meanwhile, reusable remover pads are not only environmentally friendly but also reduce waste caused by single-use cotton and makeup wipes. More than that, the remover pad also saves your expenses. Although the price of a remover pad is more expensive than a pack of beauty cotton; you can use it for months or even years.

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