Why ‘One Day at a Time’ is Still Important

One Day at a Time is an important family sitcom that is very relevant to this day

The show revolves around a middle-class Cuban family, the Alvarez’s. It centres on a single mother, Penelope, raising two kids, Elena and Alex and taking care of her mother, Lydia. 


The reasons why One Day At A Time is relevant:

On everyday life problems and good character representation

Each episode tackles everyday struggles and slices of life that cannot be missed––coming out, alcoholism, immigration, financial struggles, mental health and many more. It is also a very family-oriented show but it does not only feature and care for the blood relatives. Characters like Schneider and Dr Berkowitz were always warmly welcomed in the Alvarez household. 

Every character on the show is a representation of everyday people and what we go through. The problems that arise in each episode are also very real. Not everyone will be on board with something so there are always arguments but then it almost always ends with the family compromising on a sentimental and emotional note. 


On being a platform of various thoughts and ideas

The show gives viewers many perspectives to weigh on and a platform to showcase a variety of thoughts and ideas. From Rita Moreno’s Lydia, a very religious Catholic, to her granddaughter Elena, who is a lesbian teenager and social justice warrior. One big example is when Elena came out as a lesbian and we could see the variety of reactions from the people she came out with. The worst-hitting was, of course, her father, who did not accept her immediately. 

Overall, the show’s characters are so very well-written, have good chemistry and the show, on top of the heavy issues it decides to tackle, is hilarious. It’s a perfect family sitcom to sit and watch with the people you love. It’s heartwarming and makes you laugh and cry like no other. 


The show is available to watch on Netflix!


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