Why is Building a Personal Library Necessary for Today’s Job Market?

When I speak about building a personal library, I’m not talking about science fiction or historical literature, unless those reading topics are relevant to your career and job prospects.

Reading to become more qualified and successful is necessary for today’s job market due to the increase of young people going to university and how competitive today’s job market is.

What should you be reading?

If you are choosing a career or in a trade or are currently in an entry-level position, depending on your work, you will need to read to improve your skill to become more successful and qualified.

Still, you may need to pair your abilities with the relevant qualification or, if you can, relevant work experience.

Financial benefits of building a personal library

People who have built their libraries tend to earn over £52,000 a year; in the United States, it is $95,000 or £62,00 in British pounds.

You may be looking at these amounts and thinking, why did I choose those amounts? In the UK, to live comfortably, you need to earn £52,000 a year; in the United States, you must make between $75,000 and $100,000 a year if you wish to live comfortably.

So, to put simply, through self-education and self-help, you can improve your financial and personal circumstances.

I want to point out that once you get over $95,000 and £52,000, you will not feel happier because when you get over these amounts, it is relationships that become more of a driving force to achieve happiness.

So, what I am advocating is a combination of aiming for personal wealth and strong personal life that will lead to a prosperous life.

Be careful when selecting self-help and educational programs.

I mention that you need to be careful when selecting self-help and educational programs because when you choose an educational program is essential to check whether or not employers accept the qualification as going towards a valuable education, I say this to spare yourself wasting your money and your time. 

It is also essential to understand that people out there will sell you self-development books and resources who accomplish nothing. It is important to realize that some self-development has been corrupted by people profiteering from your fears.

Podcasting and blogging improve your skillset

I mention developing your podcast and blog because it will give you various skills such as audio, editing, content creation, and digital marketing to promote your blog and podcast. 

These skills can be learned as work experience by pursuing them on your own time and learning the correct courses to gain educational and work experience.


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