Why ‘Hospital Playlist’ Should Be on Your Netflix List

Reflecting mistakes, budding romances, everlasting friendships, and stressed medical students… Hospital Playlist has it all. 

Hospital Playlist has become a favorite amongst K-Drama lovers but overall has great reviews for those watching the first time! 

Hospital Playlist relies on the friendship of 5 doctors at Yulje Hospital who have been friends since medical school. This show is heartwarming but heartbreaking at the same time! Here are a few reasons why this should be on your Watch Next list if you haven’t: 

  1. Slices of life…

Many moments depict real-life situations and these kinds are the ones that either warm your heart or break it. There are episodes that handle death and grief in the nature of it being a medical drama. There are episodes where a breakup is handled, someone fighting hard to win over their love, someone’s heartbreaking because they lost all of their money, medical students not sleeping, and constantly looking like they are about to pass out. 

Moreover, it emphasizes the small things that we should focus on in life––the little moments of happiness, the space that is shared among friends, the music that we play together, the food that we eat together. This show would tell you to do whatever makes you happy and that it is not too late to pursue your dreams. 

  1. It’s so funny… 

The five friends, other than being incredibly smart doctors, are also terribly funny. Choi Ik-Jun (Jo Jung-Suk) is probably the funniest out of the five of them. He’s always joking around and being silly on top of being a good doctor and a single father. Do Jae-Hak’s (Jung Moon-sung) dynamic with Kim Junwan (Jung Kyung-ho) is also something to look forward to in each episode.  

  1. Family and friendships

One of the many things that this show is about is the bond between family and friendships. The bonds between a 30-year friendship between Rosa and JongSu, mother and son between Rosa and Andrea, and many more. There is so much love in this drama that is beyond just romantic couples. 

  1. Their Sick Original Soundtrack… 

There is a reason why the title is ‘Hospital Playlist’. The five friends also create a band and once a month they would meet up and jam out together. There are so many good songs, whether it is the drama version or the original version by the artist. Hospital Playlist original soundtracks topped the charts when the show was still airing. For instance, Jeon Mi Do’s ‘I Knew I Love’ has a total of 40,036,273 Gaon index points, surpassing IU ft. Suga ‘Eight’

Listen to the season 2 original soundtrack here: https://open.spotify.com/album/46NPb9fH3T2zU2hsy1N0g3?si=0JGKiw_SSH2ZFaUTrHPI8A.

So, there we have it! If you haven’t, go watch Hospital Playlist with your friends and family and enjoy the time together. 

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