Why Does The “All Too Well” Short Film Hurt That Much To Watch?

That Taylor Swift knows how to paint the perfect picture of heartbreak we know since her first studio album Taylor Swift was released back in 2006. Her unique ability of storytelling mixed with the perfect right balance between facts and drama made her songs extremely relatable and truthful, even if you have never been in those situations, we can feel her feelings and understand her thoughts.


But why the All Too Well the short film is so painful to watch? All Too Well is one of the most popular Taylor’s songs, even though was not a single the first time that Red came out back in 2012, it became quickly the fans favorites and again, it’s time to praise her ability to put so many feelings into words but here it comes the true question, why can we – and I consider myself a fan – fans can relate and understand her so much?



The answer is quite sad to be honest because most of us have been where she was when she wrote that song, and most of us can feel her pain. After all, we have felt it before, and most of us have been as heartbroken as she was and most of us have been in abusive relationships.


The problem is the invisibility of the psychological abuse that most women have been thru in their lives. The idea that if we can’t see a scar, it was not violence, is probably one of the cruelest ways to deny this epidemic. The scene all watched, being real or fictional, was violent and that is where the most serious problem appears, not all women know that they are a victim. So where do we, as a transnational civil society can help, and more importantly, what the international system and its actors, states or non-states, are doing for us?



World politics in the context of the late 20th century was modified from new themes on the agenda of International Relations and the immersion of actors who, together with the States, became capable of simultaneously influencing the domestic and international arenas.


In this scenario, the theme of violence against women, before private responsibility, became public and international with the articulation of transnational networks that, through the strategy of advocacy, put pressure on States and International Organizations to do resistance and influence policy changes. With the passage from the private sphere to public discussion and international, it was realized that the challenge of dealing with the theme of violence against women was a global issue.


Therefore, one can consider the United Nations as an actor of fundamental importance for the maintenance of international cooperation, since that signing and participating in various existing agreements work, or should work, as a guarantee and proof that what was agreed will be fulfilled by the treaty. In a globalized world, where more and more sees the distance and, at the same time, the approach of nations, understanding International Organizations is necessary to understand the institutional change process, which does not happen easily. understanding, both internally and externally.


At this juncture, the emergence of new actors such as corporations, scientists, experts, and activists, among others, contributed to the multiplication of possibilities of interactions, acting not only in the domestic sphere but also in the international agenda, with States and international organizations. Such interactions are structured in terms of transnational networks, that they share the centrality of values or ideals; the belief that individuals can make a difference; the creative use of manipulation of information; the use of non-governmental actors and strategies sophisticated policies built into your campaigns.


When successful, these networks are important to give visibility to actions; promote the implementation of norms by pressure and monitoring, and transform perceptions, policies, and behaviors.


The truth is that we all got so angry at Jake Gyllenhaal because most of us dated one. If not, we know someone who did, sometimes a friend, a sister, cousin, or mom. Most of us felt the weight of those lyrics and related to them on different levels, some more painful than others.


Sad as it is violence against women is an everyday reality for most of us and it’s getting even harder instead of getting better, it’s a never-ending fight.

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