Who Are The Main NPC’s In Animal Crossing: New Horizons?


Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of the most popular games belonging to the franchise. Players get to choose an island and redesign it the way they want with the help of milestone rewards and other characters.


NPCs (Non-Player Characters) are characters that work on the island, villagers that move there, visitors to the campsite, and traders who sell or buy items when they visit. The trader characters will be listed in a separate post.


Today we will focus on the main 11 NPCs that both live and work on the island:


Tom Nook – Tom Nook is the main character who leads the island expedition. He is a raccoon who is extremely knowledgeable in island life and guides the player through the beginning stages of the game to unlock more features. After all key features have been unlocked, his responsibilities change to controlling house and island upgrades such as construction, relocation, and decoration.


Isabelle – Isabelle is a yellow Shih Tzu who helps Tom Nook in the Island HQ. She helps the player find out what their island is rated out of 5 stars, helps settle disputes between villagers, and holds the permits for changing things like how early or late the shops open.


Timmy and Tommy – Timmy and Tommy are young raccoons who help Tom Nook when the player first arrives on the island. As the game progresses, the pair open a shop called Nook’s Cranny, where the player can buy and sell goods.


Mabel and Sable – Mabel and Sable are sisters who love to sew. The pair are hedgehogs and wear aprons. Mabel is the customer-facing sister whilst Sable prefers to stay at the back with her sewing machine. They have a tailor’s shop where the player can buy clothes and accessories designed by both the sisters and other players.


Orville and Wilbur – Orville and Wilbur are friendly dodos who run the island’s airport. The brothers have different roles: Orville runs the front desk and controls the gate, and Wilbur is the pilot who takes the player to different islands.


Kapp’n – Kapp’n is a green turtle who provides boat trips to mysterious islands. He sings little songs on the journey and the player can clap along if they wish. The player cannot return to the exact island once they have left it, and the trip is cheaper than the plane alternative run by the Dodo brothers.


Blathers – Blathers is an owl with a thirst for knowledge who runs the museum. Though bugs are ‘the bane of his existence’ Blathers accepts donations of bugs, properly assessed fossils, art, and aquatic life to fill the museum’s exhibits. He can also assess fossils for the player and give facts about different specimens.


Brewster – Brewster is a pigeon who makes the finest coffee in the franchise. His cafe is located in the museum and the player can visit him daily to earn special gifts and rewards. He provides coffee for the player as well as other villagers, sometimes with the added extra pigeon milk.

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