Which 2000s Movies Are YOU Saving?

A viral tweet has Twitter users try to save these 2000s movies:

Here is a personal take:

Freaky Friday
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Freaky Friday. 2003. © Walt Disney Pictures/Gunn Studios. 2003. (source: yesmovies).

Who’s got mommy issues? Freaky Friday shooters, possibly. And also Anna, obviously. Freaky Friday was such a good film. The mother-daughter perspective change really brought tears to the eyes. It was heart-warming and a rocking soundtrack. Most of the 2000s movie soundtrack? Absolute fire.

The Princess Diaries

Who doesn’t love this cute little classic? Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews were my absolute favorites as a child! Princess Diaries tells us a story about a socially awkward teenager who is later told she is going to run a country one day. What gets better than that?

Keinginan Anne Hathaway & Julie Andrews membuat Princess Diaries 3 | Trax FM
The Princess Diaries. ©Walt Disney Pictures/BrownHouse Productions. 2001. (source: Reddit).
13 Going on 30

Changed my life about wanting to grow up. No way am I doing all of that. 13 Going on 30 is so witty, so full of hearts and warmth and just––a nice little treat going into adulthood. It’s obviously a ‘be careful what you wish for’ and ‘be grateful for what you have right now’ and it was executed perfectly!

Film - 13 Going On 30 - Into Film
13 Going 30. ©Columbia Pictures/Revolution Studios. 2004. (source: Infofilm).
The Devil Wears Prada

Come on… Even John Krasinski has seen this film 74 times. Why shouldn’t the rest of us? Straight-up villain boss classic and will never fail to make me watch when it’s on the TV. Also, Andrea’s friends were the actual villains but you did not hear it here.

Review Film 'The Devil Wears Prada' yang Dibintangi Anne Hathaway - Sonora.id
The Devil Wears Prada. ©Fox 2000 Pictures/Wendy Finerman Productions/Dune Entertainment. 2006. (source: Reddit).
Legally Blonde

You can wear pink and stand before the Supreme Court and one doesn’t have to cancel the other out. It’s basic and Legally Blonde tells it! She’s a real classic and one of the greatest girl-power movies of the time.

How Legally Blonde Created a Feminist Hero Ahead of Her Time | Den of Geek
Legally Blonde. ©Type A Films/Marc Platt Productions/Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer. 2001. (source: New York Times).

Which ones will YOU save? Let us know in the comments!

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