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Even so, this Shinigami is in high spirits

The 58th of a project that compares works distributed on smartphones/tablets and other models.

This time, we are dealing with “Felix The Reaper”, a puzzle game in which you control the fate of death by manipulating a grim reaper who wears headphones and dances happily.

The iOS version and the Nintendo Switch version were used for comparison. In the game introduction, we will use the image of the iOS version.

20230309_FtR (1)

iOS: 650 yen (tax included)
Nintendo Switch: 1980 yen (tax included)
Xbox: 1200 yen (tax included)
PC (Steam): 1200 yen (tax included)
* There is a free trial version for the PC version.

What is Felix The Reaper?
・Puzzle game in which a spirited Shinigami assembles the fate of death
– Change the position of the object and the sun to move through the shadows
・Hints can be seen freely, but the difficulty level is quite challenging.

Differences between the smartphone version and other model versions
・The map structure of some stages has changed in the smartphone version.
・In the other model versions, the clear time also affects the evaluation, but in the smartphone version, the time evaluation is cut.
・The PC version is the best for the comfort of operation

Walk through the shadows and set the stage for death!

“Felix The Reaper” is, as the title suggests, a puzzle game featuring the Shinigami Felix as the main character.

In a map divided into square grids, you can clear the stage by operating Felix, who can only walk in the shadows, and carry the specified objects to the goal.

20230309_FtR (2)
20230309_FtR (3)

▲ Felix, the adorable hero of death. Even during gameplay, if there is a chance, he will show off his dance.

20230309_FtR (4)

▲ Felix, who works in the department that controls death, has feelings for the woman who controls life. It is said that this love will never come true…?

Felix can only walk in shadows, but in this work he can change the position of the sun (the direction of the shadow) by 90 degrees, and he will walk through shadows that change position and shape.

Some objects can be lifted and placed elsewhere to create new shadows. It’s hard to figure out how to change the direction of the sun and the position of objects to create a path that doesn’t get burned by the sun’s rays.

20230309_FtR (5)
20230309_FtR (6)

▲ You can change the direction of the shadow by changing the position of the sun with the button displayed in the lower right. It rewinds as soon as it hits the light of the sun, but the number of times it hits the light affects the evaluation at the time of clearing.

20230309_FtR (14)
20230309_FtR (13)

▲Evaluation is given based on the number of steps taken to clear the stage, and additional stages can be played by earning a certain number of points.

Moving and picking up objects, placing them, and repositioning and manipulating the sun is simple.

However, as the stage progresses, various gimmicks will appear, such as objects that move, shadows that are extended by stacking them, objects that change shape when the position of the sun is changed, and so on.

20230309_FtR (7)

▲Each stage is cleared by carrying a specific object to the designated position.

20230309_FtR (8)

▲ Felix performs a lively dance with discotheque lighting when the stage is cleared.

20230309_FtR (9)

▲ Not only the gimmicks but also the visuals of the map change depending on the stage.

Overall, the difficulty level is quite tough, but in normal mode you can freely check the hints, so even if you’re not good at puzzles, it’s easy to try.

In particular, the high-difficulty versions of the cleared stages are quite challenging from the first stage, and are recommended for those who want to enjoy a plentiful puzzle.

The character skits that are inserted before the start of the stage and after clearing the stage are cute, and the music is also quite stylish and lively, so not only the puzzle elements but also those who are interested in the atmosphere are important. Check.

20230309_FtR (10)
20230309_FtR (11)

▲ The cute visuals and the death scene are drawn exactly, leaving an impression.

20230309_FtR (12)

▲BGM can be freely selected on the menu screen. Overall, there are fashionable songs, so it is recommended to play with sound ants.

In the smartphone version, the composition of some stages has changed

Although the game rules of “Felix The Reaper” are the same, the structure of some stages is different between the smartphone version and the other model versions, and of course the procedure for clearing the game has also changed.

Also, in the other model version, the time it took to clear is included in the evaluation items, but in the smartphone version, the item of time has been deleted.

20230309_FtR (16)

▲ Switch version clear screen. As time is required, operation speed is also important.

There is also a difference in operability, and since the smartphone version is moved by touch operation, it may target a place different from the intended place by moving or lifting.

Since time is not included in the evaluation items, it can be said that there is no problem if you operate it carefully, but it is a little stressful that it is easy to make an operation mistake.

20230309_FtR (15)

▲ The bonus stage with a time limit was felt quite severe in the smartphone version.

On the other hand, other models operate by moving the cursor, so operation errors are less likely to occur compared to touch operations. However, since the cursor movement speed is fixed, there are times when I feel frustrated.

In the smartphone version, the camera is always centered on the main character, while in other models, the focus is on the cursor position, so one point is that it is easy to see the stage widely.

20230309_FtR (17)

▲ When you zoom in on the Switch version, the camera moves closer to the cursor position. It is convenient when you want to check the distance.

It’s a small point, but when the button is displayed at the edge of the screen, such as the upper left corner, it may be difficult to see the button on smartphones with rounded corners. can be seen.

20230309_FtR (18)

▲ The skip button displayed at the bottom left of the movie scene was also displayed without any problems in the screenshot, but in reality most of it was hidden and it was a little difficult to touch.

In the PC version, which also has a free trial version, you can use the mouse to move the cursor, so you can operate accurately and quickly. In terms of operability, the PC version is probably the best.

Try it on your PC first!

Although there are some differences in the stage composition, the rules and gameplay as a puzzle game are the same for all devices.

The PC version has a free trial version, and in terms of operability, it gives the impression that it is the easiest to touch, so it would be a good idea to try it on the PC version first.

If you try it out and like it, you can play it on your PC as it is, or you can buy a device that matches the environment you want to play.

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