Where’s Persona 5 Arena Though?

Atlas has made many spin-offs with its Persona franchise. They’ve made dancing rhythm games, a 2D fighting game, and a hack n’ slash, which is their newest spin-off. Atlas puts a lot of love into the games by giving new dialogue and translating it for overseas fans. However, maybe they should return to the fighting scene and make a Persona 5 Arena.

Atlas teamed up with Arc System Works to make Persona 4 Arena and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. Fans loved it so much that they held tournaments and events for the game. It even influenced Arc System’s BlazeBlue: Cross Tag Battle, taking Arena’s characters and designs.

Now, Arena had Persona 4 and previous characters in the franchise to fill some of the rosters. However, Persona 5 hasn’t received any fighting game love. Don’t get me wrong. They do have two spin-offs already, but I would have expected them to get some type of representation in a fighter. Maybe as Cross Tag DLC or even their own fighting game.

Yeah, Joker was in Smash Ultimate, but it has shown his capabilities for a 2D fighting game if anything. Strikers have done the same, taking the characters’ moves from the RPG and converting them into free-roam fighting moves.

As an added bonus, Arena’s story mode was canon. It served as a crossover between Persona 4 and the older entries with a unique dialogue between them all. Persona 5 should get that chance to chat with everyone else.

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