WhatsApp Predicted to Launch 7 New Features in 2022

WhatsApp is known to be preparing a number of new features that are predicted to be released in 2022. This is known from leaks found by the media, who often provide information on the latest features of WhatsApp, WABetaInfo, and 91Mobiles.

There are at least seven new features that are being prepared. The goal is none other than to improve the experience of its users, who reach 2 billion. Here are 7 new WhatsApp features that will release in 2022.

1. Instagram Reels in WhatsApp 

Being under the same parent company, WhatsApp reportedly prepares a feature that allows users to watch Reels directly from within the WhatsApp application. This new feature is allegedly part of the plan to integrate WhatsApp with other applications under the auspices of Meta.

2. Multi-Device 

WhatsApp is known to be preparing a new feature in multi-device support or multiple devices. With this feature, users can link one WhatsApp account on four devices at once, such as PC/desktop, smartphone, and tablet. This feature is known to have been tested on WhatsApp beta users.

3. Delete for everyone without a time limit 

With this feature, users can retract (unsend) messages that have already been sent to chat friends, both in personal and group chat rooms, whenever they want. Usually, this feature has a maximum time limit of 4096 seconds, aka 1 hour 8 minutes 16 seconds since the message was sent. If it is past that time limit, the “delete for everyone” option will disappear, and messages can no longer be unsend. So, the sender of the message must quickly withdraw his message.

4. Hide “last seen” from specific contacts 

In a future update, it is said that WhatsApp will include a “My contacts except for” option that will allow users to hide the last seen status of only specific contacts. This option complements the current three last seen settings, namely last seen can be seen by everyone (everybody), can only be seen by contacts (my contacts), and no one (nobody).

5. Account logout feature 

WhatsApp is reportedly preparing to release the WhatsApp Logout feature, which will allow users to log out of their account on one phone. The WhatsApp logout feature works similarly to logging out on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Users need to click the logout option to log out of their WhatsApp account on their cellphone. This feature is said to be available for WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business.

6. Group in a Group (Community) 

This feature allows users to create groups within WhatsApp groups. The goal is to make it easier for group members to discuss more specific topics. For example, a member in “group A” wants to talk about “project A”. They can create a Community that talks explicitly about “project A” within the group. Like conversations in groups or regular chatrooms, conversations made through this feature are also protected by end-to-end encryption.

7. Read Later feature 

Through this feature, users can sort incoming messages from anyone to read later. Like “Archive Chat”, any chat that is moved to “read later” will be automatically muted and no longer show notifications. What makes the “Read Later” feature different from “Archived Chat” is that users can disable the “Read Later” feature in the message settings option.

I need to remind you again, the seven features above are not necessarily released because this is only a prediction. Apart from that, WhatsApp has tested these features, and hopefully, it will be released next year. Because judging from the seven features, it is beneficial.

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