What’s Next For The Halo Franchise?


The ending of Halo Infinite sure left fans scratching their heads and wondering when they will get a new Halo game that continues with the story.


Before the release of Halo Infinite, we had Halo 5: Guardians and the Master Chief collection. For years, fans were left to think that the Halo story had come to its conclusion and that it was time for the Chief to hang his boots up.


Well, that was the case; not until we got the release of Halo Infinite in November 2021, when the Chief returned to embark on a new intergalactic mission.


Rumors speculate that there may not be, in fact, a brand new game with regards to the Halo Infinite story. Rather, we’re more likely to get a DLC instead. But hey, that’s better for us Halo fans. At least we won’t get to spend £50 to get the next piece of the story.



The Endless.


Though the future for the Halo storyline is still foggy, there are rumors that the next piece of the story, the ‘Endless’, will have a significant role.


We’ve seen Master Chief creating an unusual friendship amongst strange creatures in the past. The Endless will not be joining that roster of friendships. Instead, it will be joining the long list of ever-growing antagonists who will try and kill Master Chief.


There are many questions that fans are still scratching their heads about with the campaign. We haven’t had Halo Infinite for a year, and fans are still hungry for the next installment. Though the future may seem dim for what’s next in the Halo franchise, we shouldn’t rule out the possibility of there being another Halo game.

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