What’s New on Telegram 8.3 Version Update

Telegram has just released a series of new features for the 8.3 version update. These new features have various functions, ranging from Protected Content, deleting chats by date, global themes, and uploading anonymous messages in groups.

The first feature that was launched was Protected Content. This feature helps protect content shared in a group from being spread to other groups.

Users do not forward messages and media to other groups with this feature. This feature also prohibits users from taking screenshots and downloading media shared in groups.
Group admins can go to the Group page or Channel Info > Group or Channel Type > Restrict Saving Content to activate this feature.

The Telegram version 8.3 update also brings a feature that allows users to send messages anonymously in public groups or channels. To use it, tap on the profile photo in the lower-left corner, then type in the channel’s name. After that, messages sent to that group or channel only show the channel’s name managed by the user.

Telegram’s new feature also makes it easier for users to delete old chats in any conversation. Before deleting a message, users can choose a specific date or a specific time range in one-on-one chats.

To delete a chat on a specific date, tap the date that usually appears when you scroll through chats. After that, Telegram will display a calendar, and you can choose a date and tap the ‘Clear History for These Days’ button to delete the message.

Telegram has also added a new button that allows users to connect desktops quickly. There is also a new option that can automatically eject the device if it has been inactive for some time.

Last month, Telegram introduced eight new themes for individual chats. This application made by Pavel Durov presents a theme that can be used for all parts of the application, as quoted from XDA Developers, Friday (10/12/2021).

Each theme has colorful message bubbles, night and day modes, animated backgrounds, and unique background patterns. Users can also adjust the appearance of the theme according to their wishes.

Finally, Telegram also released several special features for iOS. Those features include Text Recognition, which can be used to copy and search text in photos, set text formatting in media captions, and redesigned contact, group, and channel information pages.

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