What’s In My Tote Bag?


This summer, tote bags are all the rave as they are cute, essential, and functional while looking effortless and organized. Listed below are some summer essentials that you should be carrying in your tote bag when you’re in a rush or simply strolling through your local farmers’ market or thrift store.

Whatever you’re doing in your free time, if you’re carrying a fashionable tote or whatever bag, these are some things you definitely should be carrying with you. Aside from your phone, one of the first things that should be in your tote is lip balm. Keeping hydrated is important because summer days can be scorching, and having lip balm on hand will keep your lips quenched as well as looking fresh.

Secondly, on the subject of hydration, keeping your water bottle with you on the go is a necessity. Drinking water throughout the day will keep thirst at bay and your skin glowing. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous girls always drink water with their trusted and slightly emotional support water bottle.

If you’re the type of person who listens to music all the time, having AirPods with you to walk to the beat of your specifically curated playlist to feel like the main character is a must. If you’re a reader, having a book and some pens in your bag will keep you occupied when commuting on the train or bus.

Sunglasses for hot days when the sun is beaming down, and hand sanitizer to keep the germs away. If you’re the type to capture moments and relive memories, carrying a camera with you is perfect when you want to cherish moments of life for years to come. These are a few items that you can fill in your tote bag when you’re on the go living life or running errands.


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