What’s Happening in Canada with COVID-19?

Canada reports more than 25,000 daily Covid cases. But how reliable is that number? Experts say, “Not very.” The reason they show is that the tests are being conducted appropriately. Ontario alone reports 431 people admitted in Intensive Care Units. More than 2400 are in hospitals. A little less than 10,000 daily cases and 12 new deaths due to COVID-19 infections.

The province of Ontario, in particular, and the country is struggling to control the infections rates. Provinces gave extended holidays for the schools. Some of them are delivering the classes online only until further notice. However, the number of cases reported doesn’t seem to be under control.

In addition to the current struggle, the city of Toronto has new problems to deal with. As the Covid infections affected the whole healthcare system, paramedics also struggled to deliver their duties. A city spokesperson says the average response time for the lower priority ambulance calls has increased in recent days as paramedics spend more time waiting to offload patients at overburdened hospitals.

After many measurements to tackle the issues; governmental officials and experts are disappointed. As the number of the cases is not going under, after that many attempts. Currently, there are restrictions for public gatherings, dine-in services, etc. And yet, the daily cases not reflecting much so. This has been a headache for the officials.

At the same time, the Canadian health department is getting overwhelming responses from the applicants for the booster doses. Many people could not book appointments online because of the unprecedented number of people in the queue.

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