What You Need to Eat After a Workout

You need to eat these nutritions after a workout to recover

What you need to eat after a workout
What to eat after a workout. (source: National Institute on Aging)

It is very important for everyone who will do a workout to eat first. But, to make your workout perfect, you need to pay attention to what you eat after a workout. The post-workout meal is as important as the pre-workout meal. From now on, you need to prepare these meals after a workout.

When you work out, your muscles work very hard to do a heavy job. And, after a workout, your body rebuilds its glycogen stores. To help your body and muscles recover, you need certain nutrients to fasten the process. So, these are what you need to eat after a workout.


After a workout, the proteins within your muscles is breaking down. That’s why proteins are very important both before and after a workout. You will need enough proteins to recover your muscles. You can the proteins from protein powder or protein bar, eggs, Greek yogurt, chicken, salmon, or tuna.


The glycogen stores in your body are used as fuel as you work out. You can fill up the glycogen stores by eating carbs after a workout. Consuming both carbs and proteins helps to maximize the protein and glycogen stores synthesis. It is important to build up your energy after exercise. You can eat sweet potato, chocolate milk, oatmeal, potatoes, whole grain bread, or edamame.


Having fat after a workout is not that bad. But, you need to limit the amount of fats consumption. Without affecting the recovery, having fats after exercise help to boost muscle growth. You can have avocados, nuts, nut butter, and seeds.

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