What Will Foreigners Gain From Traveling to Thailand?

Thailand is full of traditional customs and religious beliefs and is also known for its historic temples. Besides, many different cultures in this country share the cultures among its neighboring countries, such as China and Laos. As of now, It has already welcomed all travelers all over the world. You may wonder as to why one has to choose Thailand. The reasons provided below will show how great and nice Thai people are towards foreigners.

  1. Thais are friendly and open-minded.  

From a foreign perspective on Thais, they can smile at strangers even if they don’t know them. That’s why Thailand has another well-known name, “Siam”: the city of smiles. Besides, most Thais are surprised by foreigners who can speak Thai even if their phrases are not grammatically correct. There is very little chance that they will find someone from another country interested in Thai. Thailand is also the country for Lgbt+ people because, in Thai society, transgender are well accepted, and people’s attitudes are very open. It is a country that is different from the Christian-based country whose religion excludes homosexuality.

  1. Offering a helping hand to strangers.

They are attentive and love to help others, especially the sick, crippled, and those in need, even if they do not know them, in addition to their friendliness and open-mindedness. When a number of philanthropic activities occur at the temple, they will give or receive money from one another. They enjoy doing good deeds, giving alms to Buddhists, and participating in religious rituals. When people require help, they will donate a sum of money to help strangers facing difficulties. They also have a culture of accepting and honoring the elders, as seen in the Songkran celebration customs of watering elders’ hands and showing their respect.


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