What To Know Before Getting Lip Filler


Lip filler is one of the most well-known beauty procedures of all time. Mostly made popular by Kylie Jenner, chances are you know somebody who has lip filler.


With it being relatively cheap and easy to access, hundreds of people get lip filler for the first time every day.


While it isn’t a decision to make impulsively if you’re thinking about getting your lips done, here are some things to know!


It Does Hurt A Bit


People say it doesn’t hurt, and it’s definitely bearable, but don’t go in expecting to feel anything. I have high pain tolerance, but find it uncomfortable. The best way to describe it is a sharp scratch, and it also feels uncomfortable as the needle comes out.


In my opinion, the worst feeling isn’t the injections, but the massage after. The pressure on your lips as they’re so tender is not fun!


You Won’t Have Kylie Lips Overnight


Whilst they might swell a lot at first, don’t expect Kylie Jenner’s lips if you didn’t have much, to begin with. Big lips take time and it’s a process worth spending time on. If you overfill them too quickly, the filler can migrate and look unnatural!


Shape Is More Important Than Size


Big lips won’t suit everyone; you need to take into account the rest of your facial features and how big they are.


The shape of your lips is what really makes them beautiful! When I got my lips done, I wanted them to be symmetrical rather than big. Some girls want a more defined cupid bow or lips that are rounder and more heart-shaped.


Creating a new shape can also make them look more natural rather than just filling the lips to make them bigger!

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