What To Expect After Labor And How To Deal With It


Waking up one morning to find out that last night’s dream was real and that the baby on the right is your newborn is an overwhelming feeling. Your baby’s sweet smile will make you forget all about the night before and just focus on the angle lying by your side however, after a while you may start to get a hard time as a new mom especially if you were living in a different place than your family and friends live.


Throughout the first months, you will find yourself bewildered as to where to start and how to deal with the amalgam of postpartum emotions and raising a baby at the same time.


To go through this stage of motherhood that is often neglected, you need to consider the following:


  • Talk to your partner/husband 

Amid the preparations and before giving birth to your little piece of heaven, you ought to have a conversation with your husband about postpartum and how will it affect you afterward, you should make it clear to him that you may suddenly start crying for no reason and that you will be fragile during this period to the extent that any word or any action may upset and depress you. The main goal of this is not to share your feelings with your life partner but to prepare him for the upcoming days and ask for his support and understanding because most men do not know about postpartum depression and the hormonal imbalance which makes the afterbirth period a bit burdensome and distressing.


  • Buy baby colic medication 

Most babies often cry during the first couple of months due to colic. your infant’s little tummy has just been introduced to a new substance which is your milk which may cause some gas to assemble in the digestive system. therefore, before your labor ask for your doctor’s advice regarding babies’ colic medication.


  • Prepare a considerate amount of baby clothes 

They always tell you not to buy too many baby clothes because toddlers grow up faster during their first six months yet it is a decision you will regret during your two days stay at the hospital.  It is useful to prepare more than five or six garments for your little one which will come in handy during your hospital stay and the upcoming weeks when your baby will need to change multiple times.  A small set of clothes will not be sufficient in a humid country or a house with no balcony.


  • Prepare a plan for good and healthy sleep

Lack of sleep is another factor that may affect your “new mom” imbalanced hormones and make you feel fatigued and stressed. So it is recommended to sleep while your newborn is asleep.


  • Eat well no matter how your mood is 

After hours of labor, you will find yourself powerless as you might even have low blood pressure for a while and that’s why you must eat well, you ought to remember that your little one is also eating through you in case of breastfeeding so you should only eat healthy food rich of vitamins.


  • Seek your old ones’ support

New moms usually panic when it comes to raising a baby, some do not even know how to shower their little one. Therefore it is suggested to invite your parents to stay by your side for a while, or even an older friend with some experience. having someone more experienced than you will make feel less stressed and less overwhelmed.

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