What Should We Do if We See a Tsunami Coming?

Tsunamis are one of many disasters that we should be aware of. Although there is already an early warning system, the panic and confusion make us act reckless. So here are some pieces of advice that the author had collected from BMKG about what should we do during this disaster.

What if a tsunami comes?

1. If there is a disaster and you want to be safe, you must calm down. Don’t panic and make wrong decisions. Do not bring anything.

2. Although you are curious people, please remember to not make the tsunami waves a spectacle. By doing so, you are putting yourself in a dangerous place.

3. If you see the seawater receding from the seashore, the tsunami might be coming, so ask your family or people around you to move quickly to higher ground. If you are on the seafront or near a river, you must run as fast as you can do to the higher ground or hill. You must stay there until the seawater completely recedes.

4. If it is possible, you can go to the evacuation place.

5. If the situation is really dangerous and you can not do the action above, you must look for a ferroconcrete building, and go to the top floor or at least up to the 3rd floor using emergency stairs.

 After the tsunami

If the seawater recedes completely, there is you must do:

1. Check your family member immediately one by one

2. Stay in a safe place, do not act as a “hero” if you do not know how to do it. Keep away from the damaged area, until it is declared safe

3. Be aware and keep away from electrical installations

4. If it is possible, you can go to the evacuation post to get information, establish communication, and cooperate with local residents

5. Keep your mind and health ready to return to a normal life

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