What it means to be you : manhwa review

*Trigger Warning*
This story contains sensitive topics such as depression, self harm and many suicidal attempts so please be careful. 
Synopsis :

This is a story that commences with the female lead’s marriage that would soon fall into a pitfall. She was once a part of the royal family and used to hold such a high position. People always call her Princess and everywhere she went she got a lot of attention. However, after her marriage with the male lead named Winter, she was chased out from her own family which made her and her new husband feel really embarrassed and betrayed. The misunderstanding between Winter and the princess started from this point on. Because Winter thought that the royal family intended to deceive him and he had to end up living with Violet, the princess who is now only a commoner, as a result.

Two years had passed, but their relationship was getting worse and worse. Until one day, the female lead decided to end her life because she couldn’t endure this suffering married life anymore. Unfortunately, at that moment, she suddenly swapped her body with Winter. This event really made their relationship become more complicated and perplexed. How will both of them solve this misunderstanding and live happily together? You can read more on the Kakao webtoon page.


From the reader’s perspective, the story mainly focuses on the female lead’s point of view so that we can understand all her senses and emotions. The readers will soon understand why Princess Violet is the saddest princess among princesses in other manhwas. She is not only neglected by the male lead but there is really no one in the story who stands by her side. The author shows how pathetic this character is by presenting her sad memories. And it’s even more emotional moving when the female lead decided to commit suicide but god didn’t give her such a chance.

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