What is ‘Tomato Flu’? Another Variety of Chikungunya


In human history after the variations of COVID 19, a new virus is spreading over the south Indian state. Kerala is affected by the tomato flu 82 new cases have been filed, and the exact cause of the sickness is still a puzzle.


According to the Local report, a young girl was dead after having shawarma in an eatery outlet in Kasaragod, Kerala. They found a bacteria known to be shigella, and this infection was found in various places of Kerala like Kollam, Anchal, and Aryankava.



This virus affects children who are under five, with the symptoms of chikungunya and dengue. Most of the infected children are reported to the skin irritation and dehydration. Children affected by the rashes seem to be like a tomato with an itching sensation.



Both the border states of Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamilnadu are preventing their states from this flu.


Karnataka health ministry is taking charges to sustain the situation. Tamilnadu is very cautious about the virus and making the district of Coimbatore which is the border of Kerala to be free from tomato flu.


This virus is very infectious with the following symptoms:

-Extremely high fever.

-Rashes, sometimes worms in it.


-Body aches and pains.

-Hands, knees, and buttocks spots are standard.



-By all this symptoms child should be taken to a doctor.

-To be clean and hygienic.

-Not to scrab the affected area clean it with hot water.



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