What Is The Difference Between Ideology, Facts, and Opinions In The Golden Age of Information?


What a hard question


Information and facts are hard to separate from politics and ideology because political ideology and people’s self-beliefs complicate matters significantly.

A straightforward and obvious fact is the issue of gender and sex.

Gender can be changed, but sex cannot be changed, but now sex can be changed.

Sex is biological, but gender can be social and cultural, and biological.

A person who is transgender can change their gender, but they cannot change their sex.

On a personal note, I support the transgender community and believe that if someone wants to be a man or a woman, or even non-binary, it is their right to self-determination.

I only placed this comment due to the topic being profoundly personal and possibly even offensive to some people.

I don’t want my words to be misunderstood.


What’s an atheist?


An atheist is somebody who does not believe in or follow a religion.

It also can be stated that people like Muslims or Hindus are atheists because they do not believe in Hinduism or Islam, respectively.

You may be thinking, how is this related to facts and misinformation? I make this argument because from a certain point of view, from a religious person’s perspective, all other religions are wrong, so the argument can be made that religious people are atheists to other faiths.

I argue this point because the polarization of modern society, particularly in the West, is weakening our ability to argue and respect those on the other side of an ideological conflict.



Choose your beliefs and be respectful of others’ life choices.


Respect is essential if we are to have a prosperous multicultural society.

This is important because as the West becomes more multi-ethnic and multi-cultural, it’s crucial to have accurate information to understand that people from different cultures are bringing their beliefs and ideologies.

To be less ignorant is necessary to understand others’ beliefs and whether or not those beliefs should be accepted into society or placed in the dustbin of history.


Educate yourselves


Self-education is essential to understanding others and ourselves. It is crucial when checking credentials and experience.

The experience must be relevant based on facts, not on life experiences.

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