What is Behind The Purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk?

Twitter and the future of interplanetary communication.


In January 2010, astronaut Timothy Creamer tweeted live from space: “Hello Twitterverse! We’re LIVE tweeting from the International Space Station, the first live tweet from space. We’ll get back to you later; send in your questions.”

Little more than twelve years after this tweet, the platform passed into the hands of the largest businessman interested in forming habitable colonies on Mars and promoting vacation trips to space. Much has been speculated about the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk on April 25, but what does the purchase of the platform represent?


Twitter is one of the largest communication and search engines for world events in real-time. Within its 140 characters, complaints, flattery, insults, hints, and criticism are woven from all kinds of personalities; writers, politicians, businessmen, athletes, artists, and adolescents, who have an immediate impact on the behavior of society. Musk comments that his intention to acquire the social network is the utopian freedom of expression and to reduce the ban on users, but I think there is more behind the acquisition and not only regarding political and social issues as most critics think.


Communication channels and systems are the primary sources in societies both for their growth and their development and advancement. Having a social network that allows you to communicate in real-time from anywhere, not from the world but from any planet is a big step to being able to visualize the contents of the narrative in real-time.


Since ancient civilizations, communication has played an important role both in armed conflicts and in cultural development. What Elon Musk is looking for is to have a communication system without barriers, beyond the censorship that he can eliminate, the next narratives will be digital, that is, what we are currently seeing on Twitter is just the tip of the iceberg of what for Musk represents communication in the future.



The purchase of Twitter is a political strategy for commercial speculation, but it is also a vision of what awaits us in the future when a group of people writes a tweet from space or a colony on Mars.


The first experiences of space travel will be expressed and retweeted on Twitter, the giant of the future in interplanetary communication.


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