What going on with this SUPER DOLLAR?

What is the SUPERDOLLAR and why is it so strong?


We have recently read a lot of news about the strength of the dollar worldwide; 

The resounding fall of the Euro and other currencies, or the tremendous pump that the ruble made when Putin announced that he was going to support it with metals.


But what is happening in the world, that all the markets are so unruly?


Is it by chance, or does this SUPERDOLLAR  “ bullrun” has explanation?


If we make memory, a little over a year ago, the dollar was making historical lows compared to all other currencies, however it was at that time when the markets were BOOMING, Bitcoin was flying and Wall Street too, so…what happened?


What it´s called “FLY TO QUALITY”, or to the safest position possible after a period of high volatility.


It is excessively probable that the great capitals, the great speculators and the great financiers of the world, have, after having inflated all the markets by opening massive long positions, caused unusual triggers, which led us to believe that BITCOIN could be worth $69,000, And although this did not last long, the profit from selling BITCOIN or SHARES at the ATH, and thereby buying DOLLARS, which were at -15%, was too tempting.


Then what happens after any speculative bubble happened, money goes to the most stable and secure, and that is still the dollar.


We are also seeing inflationary phenomena around the world, and this is due to the enormous amount of money that has been artificially created; which without a doubt, after a period of tranquility, which is where we are now, continue to shoot up both in the United States and all over the globe, Inflation is here to stay…

What wonderful years ahead for speculators!

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