What Does Your Favorite Flower Mean?


Do you like planting flowers in your backyard? Or do you just like looking at pretty flowers? Flowers vary in shapes, sizes, and colors – along with a plethora of meanings.


We all know that different flowers hold different types of meanings and symbols – but do you know what your favorite flower means?


If you’re planning to gift flowers to a special someone, you can refer to their meaning listed down below!



Roses are timeless classics and come in a variety of different colors perfect for every occasion. Red roses hold the universal meaning of love and affection while pink roses symbolize joy and gratitude. White roses represent purity as purple roses reflect loyalty. Lastly, bright orange flowers represent happiness.




Much like the sun, sunflowers reflect happiness, positivity, and even good luck. Similarly, sunflowers can also symbolize unwavering faith, optimism, and devotion too! Sunflowers are a great gift for someone who recently just started or business or for someone who had just graduated.




A demure flower, tulips hold the meaning of perfect love. Red tulips represent eternal love perfect for your partner, while pink tulips mean affection and are perfect for friends and family. However, white tulips often represent forgiveness.




These lavish flowers represent grace and beauty. Hydrangea also symbolizes abundance as hydrangeas are circular with flower clusters. Moreover, hydrangeas are often used in floral arrangements for big events, such as weddings and birthdays.




Lilacs symbolize spring as they’re the harbinger of spring in Greek mythology. As they’re delicate flowers, lilacs also symbolize purity and innocence.

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