What Do You Learn from Tokyo Revengers?

Do you know about Mike, Takemichi or Draken? They are the superstars of a gangster in Tokyo Revengers manga. Even if the delinquent life has a bad image in society but thinks about it again. Here is some lesson from them:


Image source: wikipedia.com


1.  Don’t judge people by the cover

Every character in Tokyo Revengers is unique. They have their own style from the cloth, tattoos, or hairstyle. Even if they act like a bad boy, but people have their own backstory. When you want to know someone, you will understand that everybody has some reason for their action. Their personality completely contradicts the dark and brooding delinquent life.


2. Gain Something, you will lose something

When we are alive we have so many big dreams that will happen. Actually, we must pay for everything except breathing (it’s kinda awful when you die). It is like Takemichi, he got transmitted to the past to save her girlfriend who died in the future. He tries to prevent that and want to change the future bravely. Takemichi was so frustrated at the absurdity of the time travel. It’s not easy though knowing love need sacrifices.


3. Good friends are like family

Like the motto of Toman Gang: “If one of us gets hurt, we’ll protect them… a gang that’s all for one, one for all”. They help and care one each other and don’t let anyone will fight alone. Toman as a group also make a sweet relationship, don’t need to join a battle every time. Sometimes, they rode their bikes around, searching for fun and just having a good time in general together. There are a lot of things to enjoy the life.

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