What Do You Do With Bread Other Than Toast? Find Out Here

Don’t you ever get tired of just spreading jam on toast, making sandwiches or french toast from your bread? Don’t get me wrong, they’re good and does the job. However, the variety of heartwarming and fulfilling meals made out of the bread will make you wonder just how much you’ve been missing out.

  1. Bread Pudding

Image Source : delish.com

Bread pudding is a bread-based delicacy common in many cultures’ cuisines, baked with leftover bread and milk and/ cream, and usually includes eggs, a type of fat such as oil, butter, and a range of other ingredients that are determined on whether the pudding is sweet or savoury. If you want a classic taste, add cinnamon.

  1. Bread Bowl

Image Source : delish.com

A bread bowl is an edible bowl made from a round loaf of bread with a huge chunk on the inside taken out. Dips like spinach dip, thick soups, stews, and chilli meals are frequently served in bread bowls.

  1. Panzanella / Italian Bread Salad

Image Source : delish.com

Panzanella, also known as Panmolle, is a summertime Tuscan chopped salad made of saturated stale bread, onions, and tomatoes. It’s usually made with cucumbers and basil, with olive oil and vinegar as the dressing.

  1. Brocolli & Chicken Cheese Strata

Image Source : tasteofhome.com

In American cuisine, Strata refers to a group of layered casserole dishes. The most popular modern variation is a brunch dish, which consists primarily of bread, eggs, and cheese. This type of Strata is when you need to add vegetables to your family’s health, specifically children.

  1. Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Bake

Image Source : pinterest.com

Two legendary comfort dishes, grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup are combined in this casserole. You don’t have to get your hands dirty dunking bread into a cup of hot soup.

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