What Can We Grow?

Spring has sprung, and planting season is upon us. For both new and seasoned gardeners, the question is the same: What do we plant?


Here are some ideas- ones that can conveniently come in kits to help you get started.



A Collection Of Grow Your Own Cocktail Herbs, 1 of 4

We’ll start with herbs. Herbs can be used for a variety of purposes. For barbecue, you can grow herbs for marinades and flavouring. For cocktails, you need herbs for certain drinks; grow herbs like mint, shiso red, or lemon balm. And, of course, you can grow a variety of herbs for cooking purposes- basil, thyme, oregano, and more!


Edible Flowers

Edible Flower Seeds

Yes, some flowers are edible. Who knew? Nasturtium, calendula, and borage are just three of those flowers; you can use them for things like salads, cocktails, and cakes.


Tea and Coffee

Botanical Coffee Growing Kit, 1 of 4

No, we can’t grow our morning drinks, but we can grow the ingredients that make them! You can grow specific herbs for soothing herbal teas, or you can grow your own beans to roast and grind for a fresh morning coffee!



Again, we can’t grow complete versions of our favorite alcoholic beverages, but we can grow the elements that make them! Grow some hops you can use to craft some beer. Grow berries for making sloe gin. Or grow some grapevines for red wine, white wine, rosé wine, and prosecco.


Fruits and Vegetables

Radical Rainbow Veg Grow Kit

You can grow any number of fruits or vegetables for any number of purposes. Grow chili peppers to add some spice to your cooking; options include ghost, habanero, Anaheim, and cayenne. Or grow some tomatoes; they work for things like sauce, salsa, or ketchup. You can even go funky and grow a vegetable rainbow; purple carrots, stripey tomatoes, and yellow courgettes are things that exist.


Now, let’s get to growing!

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