What Are Trade Journals?

A technical or trade journal is a publication targeted at people in a specific industry. For people outside the industry, such a journal can seem boring or incomprehensible, while people in the industry use it to keep up on developments in the industry, connect with potential employers, and network with suppliers.

If you work in an industry, there will be a trade journal, blogging community, or other avenues available for educational and writing purposes.


What is a niche market?

All products and services are part of a niche market, particularly in today’s globalized competitive marketplace.

An excellent example of this can be seen when we go to our local supermarkets to buy goods if you look at the goods you will notice the products and all that and be variations of products available this gives us a greater choice.

Still, you will see there is a far more competitive marketplace.

This is relevant to trade journals because most industries will require an individual to study and continue to develop and gain new skills.

This is where your niche knowledge would come in handy. If you have academic and practical experience available for niche journals in technology and finance, you can use your specialized knowledge to write content for these journals.


Copywriting opportunities

If you are a writer, wordsmith, or have industry knowledge, it is possible to work for trade journals; if you are a freelance copywriter or individual with trade knowledge such as finance and technology, you could use your skills to write for trade journals or other academic literature revolved around a niche subject.

Working as a Copywriter for specialized niche journals can be valuable if an individual has some unique knowledge.

Due to your particular niche being from your field of work, it’s possible to use knowledge from industries like marketing and technology and apply them to a copywriting role.


5 Trading Journals

Edgewonk: Get Edgewonk today and take your trading to the next level with the #1 trading journal. Edgewonk works for Stocks, Futures, Forex, Spreadbetting, Cryptocurrencies, and CFD trading and trading accounts in all currencies. Get the Edgewonk platform and start journaling your trades with the number 1 trading journal.

TraderSync: Best trading journal app with 100+ supported brokers and AI-functionalities with the journaling tools, you can write notes for a particular trade and take screenshots of the price chart that you could attach to the notes. Another thing is that TraderSync is designed to automatically annotate charts with your entry and exit points and your stop loss level. 2

Tradervue: An online trading journal and analytics platform to help you understand and analyze your trading and even share it with the community.

Trademetria: Robust trading journal with portfolio tracker and strategy backtesting

Microsoft Excel: Best trading journal software for individual analysis and programming


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