What ARE the best K-POP covers out there?

A tweet went viral for over 5,000 Quote Tweets discussing the ‘worst K-POP covers ever’.

Most K-Pop fans, however, only had a say in the groups that they disliked covering the groups they do like. To bring some light, there were Twitter users who then brought positivity by making the opposite tweet:

What ARE the best K-POP covers out there?

Let’s share some!


With 14 million views on the video and acknowledgement from Taemin himself, these Twice members showed what they could do with the song!

IU and MBLAQ covering RAIN’s ‘Rainism’

This is second-generation excellence!

BTS covering SHINWA’s ‘Perfect Man’

Anyone who knows K-Pop has sealed their approval on this one!


Jamie has incredible vocal talent and this is one of the proof!

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi, Seungkwan, Dokyeom, Vernon and Wonwoo covering MAMAMOO’s ‘Egoistic’

Performance leader HOSHI choreographed this to respect the original but to make it Seventeen-colored. They had clear, perfect vocals and amazing dance abilities. What more could you want?

SHINee covering IU’s ‘Dear Name’ and IU covering SHINee’s ‘Sherlock’

Another second-generation K-POP excellence from two incredible artists that debuted in 2008.

GOT7 covering 2PM’s ‘My House’

My House is iconic and GOT7 slayed this sexy song!

THE BOYZ covering SF9’s ‘O Sole Mio’

Talk about one of the most iconic performances in Kingdom!


AILEE is a vocal queen for a reason. She is one of the K-POP artists with some of the most iconic covers. This is just one of them!

There are more iconic covers out there that has been done by K-POP idols, either making covers of other idols or non-Korean artists. Let’s not share the negativity of the ‘bad’ ones and support everyone with love!

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  1. Charlene says:

    Ah there are a lot of iconic stages on Kingdom but The Red Wedding didn’t even make an impact. Idk why it’s here.

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