West Side Story

Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story.

Ansel Elgort returns to the small screen with a new film, West Side Story. The film is adapted from the film of the same name, directed by Steven Spielberg. Besides Ansel Elgort, he got cast alongside the likes of Rachel Zegler, Ariana Debose, David Alvarez, Mike Flaist etc.


Set in a multi-racial environment consisting of laborers in New York City in 1957. West Side Story (2021) is about a rivalry between two gangs of street youth from different races, the Jets and the Shark.

Here, they are shown fighting over lost territory; which would later be built into the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Fordham University, and other projects.

The conflict then escalates when Tony, a former member of the Jets and best friend of the gang leader. Falls in love with Maria who is the leader of the Sharks. The audience will also be invited to see the twists and turns of their love affair; whether Tony and Maria can be together or vice versa.

Difference between West Side Story (1961) and West Side Story (2021)

Stephen Spielberg was able to replicate and update the West Side Story film. For viewers who have seen its first film adaptation, which was made in 1961, this 2021 adaptation will feel strangely familiar. The various techniques used by Spielberg will make the audience feel as if they are watching an old Hollywood movie.

This 2021 adaptation more clearly shows the depression period of the 1950s, when New Yorkers were hit by an economic recession. Not only showing the slum areas and full of graffiti, Spielberg also shows the buildings that were torn down as a clear form of gentrification by the local government.

This was not shown in the previous film and Spielberg changed it in the latest film to reiterate how the situation and conditions did not favor Tony and Maria.

This is a very suitable film for your weekend viewing.

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