Wellness at Work

Wellness at work means that every employee is healthy and happy. Long working hours, work pressure, and bad relationships with colleagues can cause anxiety and depression.   

An employee, who isn’t happy, healthy, or both, cannot produce a good quality performance, which will affect the team, and will impact the whole organization. That’s why wellness programs are now getting trendy among either large or small companies. Its main purpose is to make the employees enjoy their time at work, which might improve their productivity and creativity.

What is a wellness program?

A wellness program is not as a grand term as it sounds. It is simply changing the employees’ lifestyles to help them achieve better lives.


Here are some of the activities included in a wellness program.

Healthy food

In the healthy food category, employers first approach is free foods offered at the workplace. Usually, free foods have high calories, and the employees feel like they have to enjoy their benefit, which leads to them consuming high-calories foods at least once per week. Slowly and gradually, they gain weight, increasing the risk of Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Obesity, which all have a high risk of mortality.

It is, in fact, optional to ask for healthier foods. A wellness program will encourage having fruits and healthy foods in the cafeteria rather than readymade foods and soda. Sometimes, there is a system to send an email like “How to Make a Healthy Homemade Recipe” per week or every other day. 


As for exercise, some companies offer a free gym membership or a fitness program. The company sometimes schedules a workout time or sends a reminder before coming to work, helping their employees to exercise regularly. Posters are also used to prompt the employees, such as how exercise benefits for brain, heart, and health.  

But, of course, the employees can take action by themselves without a free gym membership or a reminder or a poster. They can use stairs instead of an elevator, take a walk during a break, and stretch their body every two hours.  

Management of Sleep

It is quite simple and mainly depends on the employees. What employers can only do, is to tell their staff to sleep at least seven hours, how important it is to have enough sleep, and how it can affect the performance.  

For the Well-being of The Employees

Some large companies manage a vacation for their staff. They also make sure there is a happy and supportive work environment so that each employee feels like they are valued and cared for.   


Many companies now run wellness programs. Everything included in the program is for the health and happiness of the employees so that there is excellent productivity and creativity. The programs vary with each company, but the employers mostly pay attention to food, exercise, sleep, and mental health. With happy and healthy employees, the company will surely meet its goals.

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