Wellness: A Trending Topic Around the World

Although the state of the world is getting improved in various aspects, especially in technology, the state of people is declining day by day. In other words, the more the world elaborates, the more people get depressed or lose happiness.  

That’s when the term “well-being” comes in. But, here, it is not “well-being” but “wellness” that is going to be discussed. Well-being means ‘the state of healthy and happy” while wellness means “the state of being in a good state especially in something which you are trying to pursue”. So, basically, wellness and well-being are connected to some extent.  

What exactly is Wellness?  

Wellness, in the simplest way, is someone’s life progressing to a better one. By progressing to a better one it means, one has learned or adapted to balance every part of his life; relationship, career, finance, spiritual, emotion, physical health, and social environment.  

And when it comes to “a better one”, it depends on each individual. Everyone has their own limitation and expectation. When you set a goal to lose two pounds within a week, others’ target might be losing two pounds within a month. Whatever goal it is, you achieve what you’ve targeted and you’re happy with the result, that is wellness.  

In fact, wellness consists of emotional well-being, social well-being, physical well-being, and many other well-beings. As it was mentioned above, well-being and wellness are related at some point. Unfortunately, people are so busy that they have no time to self-assess their wellness, and that’s when wellness centers or clinics come in.  

What do Wellness Centers do?  

The services are quite diverse depending on each and every center. Most wellness centers offer services for skincare, massage, yoga, nutrition, and sometimes lifestyle diseases. So, before you go to a wellness clinic, you should check out what services it offers.  

So far, I see no particular center which truly concentrates on emotional, financial, or career well-being. But, in Coursera; an infamous online courses provider, you can see a bunch of courses focusing on emotional well-being, particularly, how to be happier.  

How Trending is Wellness  

According to a Global Wellness Institute, the wellness market has grown nearly to $4 trillion. You can read the full article here > Health and Wellness Industry Statistics 2020.  

There is no doubt that the results of the wellness centers and clinics meet people’s satisfaction since the idea of enrolling in wellness centers has caught on.  

Personally, receiving others’ advice and help is good, but how can it be effective when a person, himself, doesn’t understand what his level of wellness is. So, whether you decide to join a wellness center or not, it is better if you can analyze every part of your life by yourself. You must remember that you cannot achieve every goal at the same time, you can only achieve one by one.  


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