Weird Food Combinations That Are Surprisingly Good


Thanks to the internet, we’ve seen a handful of weird and outlandish food combinations that don’t seem to be the perfect match made in Heaven.


Despite that, we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, so here are 10 weird but good food combinations!


1. Ice cream and French fries

Although ice cream and French fries are one of the common weird food combinations, the saltiness of the French fries is absolutely delightful with the sweetness of the ice cream.


2. Honey on cheese pizza

Honey on pizza seems weird, but honey on cheese pizza tastes super gourmet and is actually a dish served in several restaurants.


3. Hamburgers and peanut butter

Source: © 2020 Mike Lang via Flickr

You probably only put peanut butter with jam on toast, but adding peanut butter to a classic burger adds the perfect nuttiness.


4. Jalapeño pepper with cream cheese and takis

Source: ASIANMR on YouTube

This combination has become popular on social media, especially on TikTok, where numerous people have tried this raving trend.


5. Ramen with vanilla ice cream

Source: @torisobazagin on Twitter

You read that right, people have been mixing vanilla ice cream in with their ramen as it adds extra creaminess – incorporating the perfect balance of sweet and spicy.


6. Peanut butter with ramen

Source: FoodNetwork (Trisha Yearwood)

Another unusual combination with ramen, peanut butter thickens the ramen broth and gives a nuttiness that mimics the flavors of Pad Thai.


7. Watermelon and salt

Source: tracy benjamin via flickr

A lot of people do this as sprinkling salt on watermelon improves the texture; bringing the moisture and watermelon juice to the top – ensuring a juicy bite.


8. Banana and mayonnaise

Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s Banana Mayonnaise Sandwich Is the Worst Sandwich in  the World | GQ

Banana and mayonnaise sound disgusting as some people either hate or love the extremely mushy and thick texture.


9. Oreos dipped in orange juice

Instead of dipping Oreos in milk, the tanginess from the orange juice fits perfectly well with the Oreo cookie.


10. Banana and avocado

Banana and avocados create the perfect creamy, rich, and thick smoothie that’s not too sweet.

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