We Finally Have a Date for 5SOS5, and It Might Be Everything We Wanted!


The Australian band 5 seconds of summer, turned 10 years old last year and showed that it intends to stay on our radios for another 10! The band’s fifth album will be released on September 23rd!


Formed by Luke Hemmings, vocals and guitar, Michael Clifford, vocals and guitar, Ashton Irwin, vocals and drums, and Calum Hood, vocals and bass. Formed in Sydney in 2011 they started posting videos on Youtube. The band’s first studio album Self Titled was released in 2014, with the single She Looks So Perfect. Followed by Sounds Good Feels Good, 2015 and after a hiatus of 3 years, Youngblood,  the single that gave the album its name is the band’s most listened-to song ever. The latest album CALM was released in 2020.


The band’s fifth studio album is closer than we think, last Tuesday (May 10) the band showed us through a thread on Twitter the tracklist of the new album, 5SOS5, which caused chaos among the band’s fans on social media. At an agonizing pace, the band released a song title every 30 minutes, each song was posted in a different language, and it took another 8 hours until the tracklist was complete.




5 sos who just finished the European Leg of the Take My Hand tour also released a new single Me Myself and I, the third in the new era,  a fusion of the vibe found on Sounds Good Feels Good (2015)  the band’s second album and a fan favorite, with the maturity of CALM, the last album released in 2020. With a non-traditional musical structure, the new song surprises with a catchy verse/chorus, and Luke Hemmings once again proved to be one of the best singers of his generation.



Complete Mess and Take my Hand, the first two singles from 5sos show a new aspect of the band’s creative ability, both being produced by guitarist and vocalist of the band Micheal Clifford, Complete Mess was written, composed, and produced by just the 4 of them, the first song from the band’s career with that title.


photo by Ryan Flemming


5sos5, with 19 tracks, now has a release date, September 23rd, the date was revealed along with the release of the third single Me Myself and I on Wednesday, May 11th. And promises to be an album that reflects the band’s personal growth, with a new and improved sound, a logical evolution, and a surprising musical opening, in melody and lyrics. I have a feeling we won’t be disappointed.


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