Ways to stop being too tired from work!

Problematic work-life pattern

During the beginning of the year, I’m sure that almost everyone has to clear their work after the end of the New Year’s holidays. Some might be tired and sleepy because you have to be up all night to get your assignments done. It is so frustrating that you couldn’t find a way to make yourself less tired. However, today I’ve come up with some plans to make your body’s condition get better and stop being sleepy during your work.

Fixing your sleep cycle

Firstly, you may have to adjust your sleep cycle so that you can sleep deeper. You may have to understand before that every human’s body sleep cycle is one hour and a half. If you want to wake up freshly you have to wake up when this cycle just ends.

This way when you wake up, you won’t be as tired as before because you have completed the sleep cycle properly. Moreover, I recommend you to do the work during the daytime rather than staying up all night. Because at 22.00, the growth hormone secretes. This hormone will help your body’s cell generation and is essential for the human body!

Avoid drinking caffeinated drinks right before call the night off

Secondly, you should refrain yourself from drinking those caffeinated drinks during the night! It is okay if you drink them during the day, but if you drink them at night. The caffeine will surely disturb your sleep and some people might not be able to sleep at all. And this is the cause that makes you feel tired for the entire day! I recommend you to change your drinking time.

I would appreciate it if this article can help everyone get better with their insomnia and sleep deeper.

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